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My favorite day was when I March celebrates the birthday of my friend Flor, we went to eat at a Japanese restaurant and had a great time, …


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Goal sucker

I think the "chupacabras" or goal sucker is not real, because what they say is similar to an animal asthe chickens and sheep, but not a monster or alien, only …


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The cable car is a very original means of transport that exists in some cities in the world, but not very common because it requires a good system protection and control and not all cities have that.


The cable car is a walk of two or three doors, depending on the city where this, the size of the Bagon, is supported by tramway big thick hanging poles and moves through electricity and magnetism. Within bagones people can stand or sit, the…


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My best day in february


In february i had a very good days but i had one in speciall, it was valentines day, because i love this holiday because everyone are very happy and give gifts, chocolate, candies and flowers. In this day i was with mi friends and we went to dinner and watched a movie, we saw valentines day with very fomous artist. My friends gave me some chocolates and candies, and my parets gave me a present very cute. At the tec did a Little party in the higschool zone and was very fun because…


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Boston travel

In my life I have worked a lot because I like money so much the money. It is very important for me to have money because with the money you can do a lot. When I was in the United States, I went to Boston, my parents rented a card. The new car of the company was rented by my parents. My family and I visited the acuarium, where we could watch the fish and other very interesting animals, we traid to keep the calm when we saw a shurk. The explication about to this animal was given by the expert…


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Lapitas were a tribe of the neolitic edge.

Its known by being a precursor culture of many others in Oceania and polinesians.

The name 'lapitas' came from the word xaapeeta that means 'cave a hole.

They used to live really near to the shore so they could take advantange of the deepless lakes so they couldnt be bitten by

mosquitos that spread the malaria sickness,becouse the tribe had no immunologic defenses.

They also found obsidian remains in new britain.



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