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Hope you like it! Thanks for being such a great teacher

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Mini saga

A man wanted to scape the city

A woman wanted to fall in love

The man start earning money

The woman ended up in an online date site

He decides to own money clicking on the internet

She had a date with Marquito

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Vidiomas Review

Being in a part of a vidiomas was such a great experience so that a learn something from it.

It was really fun because a I spent a lot of time with my friends, creating new ideas.

I spent a lot of time thinking about a great idea in order to have a great result for the video.

I think many people could like it, unless they are not really into hacking themes.

I think Hackweiser was a different vidiomas, in fact, there was another vidiomas that talked about hackers…


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Essay from second partial

What I have learnt from my whole life is to always forgive others. I think life is too short for having any regrets or resentment. 

When people don´t forgive it´s because they have been hurt by someone, maybe from the people we care about, because you think they will do it again, but if you don´t forgive, maybe that`s the last time you`ll see them and your last memory will be the big fight you got into.

We`ll never know when is going to be the last time you see the person you…


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Another 55 word story

Being hungry, I ended up walking though the kitchen for some food. What I had in my house wasn´t enough. Tired for searching more food, I decided to pick up some delicious pizza. 

By not answering the phone, I realized nobody was there for attending my order, and that´s how I knew I was going to be hungry the whole night

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Summer memory

A summer memory I have was a family trip on a cruise. I didn´t knew about how would it be, but I ended up enjoying it a lot. Spending time with my family is something I enjoy a lot. We visited many museums, we wnted to swim but the water was cold so we just went shopping and staring wonderful views with amazing landscapes. It was one of my best summer memories.

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55 word story

He is the man that I remember from my dreams. Armando, who was in the dream to, is staring right at him. If I wasn´t scared, I would tell him to run away from there right now. I was too scared, which didn´t surprised me. If you had the nightmare I had, you would undestand. 

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What´s the author purpose?

The author´s purpose in the piece I read was to inform us about the marsupials and how the opossum is different from the other marsupials

How do you know? 

Because it tells us thing that are already established in life


This piece I read remind me from my own life because I am used to screw things up. I really enjoy baking and cooking, specially for someone else, but every time I make something it…


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What would I do differently?

A thing I do different than the other is use long socks, no matter the weather or the mood I have, I always want to wear socks, I collect them and I have many colorful and different designs, using them keeps me happy because is something your can use bare foot. I really enjoy collecting them.

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Partial review

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I think a fragance is more than just a smell, I think you can remember important events by just sniffing the same smell you did in that time. I do have a favorite fragance, is one I used to use as a child, so it reminds me my childhood. Many girls can be attracted just by the smell of someone, is something girls really care about, and maybe guys cared about it too. I think a fragance´s smell can be one of the most useful tools for remembering stuff

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Being on the inside

Stay in my house sometimes is quite boring but sometimes is not, staying inside my place is calling my friends to come over and watch some movies, to play with my dogs, to talk for hours with my best friend over the phone, to eat everything I can find in my fridge. Obviously everyone want to go out once in a while, but I really prefer to stay inside my house. I think is better than the mall or any restaurant because you can be yourself with more confidence and without being judged. Also,…


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The mad house (microfiction)

In the night of 1927, Fredrick´s wife tried to murder Fredrick with her bare hands and a feather. She was taken to a mad house. Frederick loves his feather, it´s his best friend since Marie, his wife, left. He uses that feather for his journal, writing her everyday how much he misses her and how life is going without her beautiful smile. The feather is the same she used for trying to "kill him", he didn´t think that was her intention, because he deeply knows that she is madly in love with…


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The night is my favorite part of the day, you don´t get a shinny annoying light in your face and it gets colder than the day. I think the night is the perfect time for thinking about how your day went and how can you change for being better than yesterday. Most nights I stay at home watching series, listening to music or creating my own on my ukulele. Another thing I like about nights is that the parties are better at that time. Another thinkg about night is that are mysterious, you can make…


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Book of days

I´ve never seen his face 

I´m not a really good person at making friends, I could have some really cool ideas once in a while, but I didn´t have anyone to share them with. I´m not prepared for the real world, people always have something to say to any action you make, that means nobody is safe.

One day I was in lab class (alone, as always) and the teacher couldn´t come because he was ill, so he decided to make a videocall in an app called "faceswap". We couldn´t see or listen…


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We're only human

Everytime I walk with someone and I get too excited, I end up talking to myself, maybe because I really don't put a lot of attention to what's going on with my surroundings, or maybe because I have really long legs and that make me faster than the person I'm talking to. I think it could be both, lol.

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