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"A friend like you makes everything better" Part II, Marcela and Lorena

Moodjob and Moorphy started talking about a lot of stuff and as they did, they found out they were pretty much alike: their favorite food was tofu with red chili, their favorite movie was “The Cow of the Rings”, their favorite group was “The Rolling Cows”, their favorite soccer team was “The M.R. Cows”, and as if it was too much, they both knew Moofin. Moorphy told Moodjob that before Moofin moved to Moostach Ranch, she had lived in Cowtown, and as a matter of fact she was born there.…


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"A friend like you makes it better." Part 1.

Once upon a time, in a faraway ranch named “Moostach Ranch”, lived two cows named Moofin and Moodjob and they were best friends since they were born. Moofin was a black and white girl cow who was five years old and Moodjob was a brownish boy cow who was four years old., but Moodjob was not accepted by the other cows because of his fur color, all the other cows had black and white fur and that’s why they were…


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Mickey and Walt

Mikey an Walt were really good friends who would do anything for each other. Their friendship was strong as metal. One day, someone told Walt that he needed to go the war. Mickey was really sad, but he told Walt that he must come back. Walt was a strong guy and promised Mickey that he would come back for him. Later, Mickey was alone readding when Walt surprised him, he was back home. Mickey and Walt were so happy and they decided they would never be appart again.

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A new tapir in the zoo.

A tapir named Paquita, from the the Zoo “Miguel Álvarez del Toro” is going to be a mother for her fourth time. It is said that in three weeks, there would be a new tapir born in captivity.

Paquita is one of the girl tapirs that lives in the zoo, but her first born in 2011 died because of some respiratory problems, that is why it is really important for the zoo this new pregnancy from our little tapir.

The state of Chiapas is the only space in where tapirs can have babies in…


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The reunion

After a year, Daniel, Maria and Alan met again in the same trip, but this time, they decided to go to Egypt, because they really wanted to learn more about history, art and their culture, they thought it was really nice and interesting. The trip was planned to be 2 weeks, and they were going to see every pyramid. The first day, Alan forgot his camera, so they weren’t able to take pictures, but the next days they had the best week of their lifes. They learned a lot, had a lot of fun and…


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Better to have loved and lost than to have never lost.

Once upon a time, in a far away country, lived a girl named Shosha who had a really big heart. One day, she saw a boy named Shosho and her heart started beating faster. Shosha was a really shy girl so she was afraid of talking to Shosho. But one day, she decided she would go and talk to him. That day, she said hi to him, and he said hi to her, she was happy. Because of that, her heart went out of her body and said Shosho she was in love with him. Suddenly, Shosho started running away and Shosha… Continue

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One woman

Once upon a time, there was a pretty girl named Sally who lived in Chocolate city and had a magic watch. One day, she decided to discover the age of chocolate, because her watch had an app that could check how old things were. When she wanted to see the chocolate's age, he realized that her watch had stopped working. She was very surprised so she proposed to fix it. She went out for some gears to see if it would work out. The first time it didn't work, so she kept trying. Then, she realized she… Continue

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Three Men

They are three old men who are really good friends. They had met in the city park many years ago. Every Saturday, they meet there to remembe their youth. Two of them have caps because it represents their friendship. One of them has a bag because he was responsible for the food. Everytime they go to the park they have a picnic. It is amazong how they're still together, even when lots of years have passed by.

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Homework 2

                Once upon a time, in a little town named ITESMTown, a little girl named Nicole Kidman was born and she was a very special girl. She grew up in a farmers land, the poorest place in the whole town, her family had really bad economic problems and she had just a simple farmer life.  One day, when she was 13, she realized that she was very good at making sculptures with macaroni, but her parents had no money to help…


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If i were...

If I were a character in a movie I would be Hanna Montana.
If I were an angry bird I would be the black bomb bird.
If I were an animal I would be a dolphin because they are very intelligent animals.
If I were a color I would be pink because it is my favorite.
If I were an emotion I would be hapiness because I want to be the person who keeps you smiling.

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