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Day in a life 2058

I wake up in the morning next to my beautifull wife. I get out of bed, eat breakefast, brush my teeth, put a suit on, go to my garage, get in my lambo and go to my friends house. I would probably be retired by the time I’m 56, so I will be spending all my money in making my wife happy and traveling around the world. I shourly will be living in mansion in California next to a beach. I will own a yatch and use it to fish once in a while. I will have my own party club and take care of  it…


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A man goes to de zoo. He goes to de desert area and asks the person in charge. What do you calle a three humped camel? The man responds. Preagnet. The guy left the zoo and the employed got fired.

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Horror story

This is the story of a kid called Michael. Michael had a really big issue, he always felt like somebody was behind him. The problem became so big that michael couldn’t resist it and needed to leave the place. Michael didn’t know what to do, and the issue was just getting worst. He started calling the presence Mr Cold. One day, in a dream, an old friend of his appeared and told him that when he woke up, he shouldn’t open his eyes. Because Mr cold was there, and he was going to be able to see…


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2018 nominees

I think this movie will win the vfx this year, and I really don’t understand why people didn’t liked this movie.... I personally love it.
I haven’t seen any of the other movies but people tell me that shape is water is a very interesting movie and and I think it will a prize.

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Letter to Alex

Dear alex...
How are you my friend?! I am glad you wrote to me
Congratulations on you grades, you parents must be proud of you
I suggest you to by the computer, because it is going to be really helpfull in the school works, and you can have a lot of fun with it.
If you are going to by a computer, I am going to suggest a MacBook.
So that’s my opinion, I hope it helps you
Love, Juanpi

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Vidiomas reviews

Eagle squad

I didn’t like this movie because it contains a lot of violence and it didn’t had an interesting plot.

White diamond

This movie had an intresting plot, but no so good acting

Time lapse

This is actually a good idea, although not so well used

The purge

This is a copy of another movie, but they made a great effort

21 days

I didn’t like this movie


This was actually a really good movie. Therfore, I liked it a lot



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Mini saga

A Man wanted an ice cream
A woman wanted pizza
The man took the bus to a mall
The woman grabed her phone and ordered pizza
The man's bus crashed and he died
The pizza never came because the driver crashe against a bus and caused a chain reaction

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Essay second partial

Hi David, my name is Juan Pablo and i will like to inform you about some of the places you can visit héroe in Chiapaa. The first thing is how you travel. If you know somebody that lives hete you should ask him ir he can take you to the places I'm going to mention, because traveling by bus is very difficult and dangerous. You could take a cap, but it will cost you twice more money. The first place you have to go is el cañón del sumidero, because it is the most representative place of chiapas. It… Continue

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Free time 2

So I'm trying to read or watch movies when I have nothing to do but I really think I should start stduying instead of wasting time. Yesterday I had this homework where I needed to use a newspaper and cut an article but I cuted the wrong one so I had to torn it.

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Free time

I don't do anything saturdays and sundays, and that has cost me a lot of grades. If only I had studied for the math exam I would have past it, but who wants to study in there free days. I never know what to do in my free time, a don't even know which class a have after this.

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Partial 1

I couldn't download sparkle adobe so here it is.

Tense review: synonims are worlds that mean the same, but have different writing.
Adverbs and adjectives: adjectives are words that describe something.
Verb patterns: this help us tu understand how are we using the sentence.
Modal auxiliaries: how you say something.
Avoid repetitions: using modals

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Hidden monster

Late in the XX century the re was a farmer named Juan. Lately a lot of his animals have been disappearing and he doen't know the reason. They don't even leave a single trace. And the thing that sacares him te most is that a lot of very heavy things have been moving forma there places. One the y he decide to go out with his shotgun ti check out. He Heard a noise and shooted but it was just an insect. Then he saw a big shadow and got clase to see it. Once he was close he saw a horrific giant with… Continue

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My post

I've never seen his face before, people say it is actually impossible to see it, becarse he gets facial sergury every 4 years. People say he is prepared for everything, and he never gets cought. He has set on fire several police stations and scape with no one scratch. He stocks his productos all around the country. He is the biggest droug dealer of all.

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What makes us human

It happened to me (more than once) that I forget someone's name and they remember my name perfectly so I just ask another person his or her name

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