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in 40 years

It has been 40 years since i was in high school, now i am 58, i have got a little bit older now, i am a grandmother again because my dog recently gave birth to nice white little Bichon Maltese, I got married to a  handsome, gentleman, romantic men, who have been making me so happy, we both have 3 kids one girl and twins a boy and a girl, now they are doing their own life they are 27 and 23.

I woke up in the morning…


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Paint dialogue

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One day i was walking with my family when my shoe fell off and i fell off in the middle of the street and i scraped several parts of my body and also got dirty the people that were there, were scared, the moment i saw myself in the mirror and i was all scraped i cried but now i realize it was funny.

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Horror story

On the night of the full moon, in Laylah's apartment, she and Kaylah, were watching movies, drinking and eating. At 2am, they both fell asleep, but Kaylah woke again at 4.

The moment she woke up, she realized Laylah wasn’t there.

She had been awakened by weird noises. When she opened the door to get some air, she noticed there was blood on her hands, and on the door.

She couldn’t remember anything clearly, but she was sure she hadn't killed her friend.

When she went out of…


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Movie Review

Shape of water 

Call me by your name

Star wars

The only movie i watched was Star wars, and i think it has amazing special efects so i think star wars can win.

i didn't watch the other two movies but it looks like they are very good ones

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Q & A

1) i have been photograph on my birthday.

2) i think is true because of tecnology.

3) No i can not explain how paper is produce

4) i don't have a watch

5) on my last birthday I got Clothes

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hi Alex, first i want to say congratulations for your exam.

Here they sell really nice stuff, but maybe i think you should save some money so you can buy something worth it, maybe some clothes, here there are a lot of places to buy clothes, maybe you can go the new mall Ambar, where they sell really nice clothes.

Talk to you Later 



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Fashion Matters

Everybody is different, and we like different stuff, different interest, so there are clothes made for every people, but does fashion really matters? That’s a good question.

Fashion can be important for many people but for others no so much. It depends on the person.

For me Fashion is not a big of the deal, i mean I like new tendencies of fashion, but it’s not…


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The life of Briannah

Briannah is a little girl who lives in México, her best friend is a stuffed pink bunny called Pinky The Bunny.

She didn't have any friends at school, so she always had lunch with her little brother, his friends and of course

Pinky The Bunny.

Briannah is brunette with a nice light brown hair but she has a mental disorder,…


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vidiomas review

the story behind

ºas a consecuence of good efford, we made an exelent job

ºnobody belived Kayla's because of her bad behavior.

ºwe did the story behind to help other kids that sufre bulling 

º Bullying would not be stoped, unless you speak to somebody

º Even tho, it was hard to organize, we could do it.

ºin the end we could make a great jobº

º the vadeamos was good Futhermore was the only good…


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Exam Essay

Number: 4

From: Karla Lopez C.

subject: Touring Holiday


Hi David, how are you? I'm very well.

I recently read your message, so cool they are coming to here to visit this wonderful place.

Here the food is delicious, there’s a restaurant called “Casa blanca” they sell very delicious tacos and…


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55 words 2

Vikki is a teenager that is very smart, she loves karting, is her life and her passion, she have it in her blood. There is a problem, her mother doesn't allowed her to run karts cause is dangerous, but her grandfather do support her. But she is sure she will be an amazing runner.

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55 words 1

Sanne is a girl who has 16 years old,  her favorite color is turquoise,  she enjoys singing, dancing and listening to music, If Sanne hadn't entered to that contest, she wouldn't  have become famous, she is a girl that has a lot of dreams, and soon she will be the next pop star

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55 words history

Angelina is 8 years old, one of her dreams is to become a famous singer. One day she decided to enter a singing contest, she thought that no couch was going to turn around, she was surprised because the 3 coaches turned, then she couldn't believe she was on the finale, she heard her name, she started crying, cause she couldn't believe she WON.

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The article is informing about fishes, giving us important facts about that kind of fish.

The purpose is to inform the people, making they know about fishes, give them knowledge about it. 

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The other Sunday I was in East coast, I went to "The Pit"( Snack) I order a Hamburger with extra Frenchs fries, and a Super milk shake.

Then I come across with a nice girl called Emily, She told me I have to see someone in the go kart Stadium when we both get there, I couldn't believe what I saw, I was screaming, I saw Vikki, Max, and Iker going to run in their Karts. Emily and I were supporting Vikki the whole time. 

Vikki beat ALL, so all went to the pit and celebrate, Max…


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Once upon a time, there was a girl named Coraline that moved on from Michigan to Oregon in The Pink Palace, a Palace with many years of antiquity.

She decided to explore The Pink Palace, She starts counting all the doors, when she saw a mysterious little door, So when she opened the door it was blocked.

Coraline is a 12-year-old girl with short blue hair, She is Brave, smart, intolerant and Mysterious, her parents don't put her a lot of attention because they work so hard.

In the…


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He was respected as a men of few words and significant actions 

At the end of the day they finally learned the leasson

When she was on High school she avoided boys like the plague

she is flooded with carts of her fans

The gossip has gone by word of mouth

He had to eat his words because he became a doctor

From the word to go something was wrong nowi ts right

She talked to much that she gets a word in sideways

i had to face him after all…


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Aftershocks of the full moon

(Coraline) i was lying down on the garden watching the full moon with the black cat, 

when suddenly i heard a noise, i was scared, so i woke up and i decided to found out where that noise was coming from, i was thinking, probably i wasn´t alone it could be Wybie, so i heard a motocycle, and i say it´s Wybe, so we both stay watching the full moon, 

coraline- lets go and see the wonders of Mr. Bobinsky

wybie- i love the mice show, they are amazing

coraline_ yes i…


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