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Anecdotes Sergio Pedrero

A doctor and his patient were at the hospital, the doctor told him "I have two news" a bad one and a good one. Then he said tell me the good news, the doctor said, you have 24 hours leaf of live and the bad thing is that I forget to call you yesterday.

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Horror Stories

The boy no longer knew how long he had been walking through the dark and infested tunnel, he was beginning to lose his mind. The only thing that kept him sane was that he could see the end of the road and smell the putrid gases released by the swamp at night. The temptation to run away was overwhelming, it almost hurt to hold back. One false step and the monsters * necrophiles would listen to him, making all his effort was in vain. The boy, almost involuntarily, hurried his pace, kicking a…


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An apple a day

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