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Burganic, Organic Burger Company // Jessica Guillén and Sofia Saldivar

To: Burganic

Re: bussiness Report

Date: October 08, 2014


          The purpose of this report is to tell you an aproximation of the company´s future and its costumers as well a to why you should sell fair traid products. We were ask to  investigate and make statistics about their preferences when it comes to buying food. In order to do this we survey 120 people from different ages. the majority were from 20-24 years old. The results showed that people…


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The quiet hour- Mother's point of view

My name y Lucy and I have 3 children the little one is called Malcolm. He is always son active that I had to invent something called "the quiet hour". Malcolm thinks its like a game where he has to stay like a statue while I "sleep". I told him that some people have to share their quiet hours that's why he always sees a man in the house. He is very obedient so he is ok with it and he is playing while I'm doing some things with my lover. My husband is always at work and he comes home very…


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Bonzo Dog Food

*In a house*

Girl: Mom I think Sparky is crazy.

Mom: What is he doing?

Girl: He is running and... I think he is smiling! Mom he is scaring me!

Mom: Don't be silly, that's not posible.

Girl: Mom really! I think he is trying to laugh!

Boy: It most be because Bonzo's Dog Food.

Narrator: Bonzo's Dog Food! Make your dog desperately want mealtime.

Mom: Yeah, he wants to eat.

Narrator: Its good, its cheap, its delicious, its Bonzo's.…


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The Winepress

The winepress was written by Josef Essberger.

One of the principal characters is Charles de Gruse who is a man that knows very well about wine.

The story starts with a discussion about how to recognize a good wine and that only french…


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