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What do I think?

Our intelligence and creativity and creativity

go well beyond other animals because we

can write, imagine, speak, reason and

create tools and art, as a result of

thousands of years evolving.

Probably the chimpanzees and…


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Writing practice

Larry a Spanish historian recognized for his various investigations about the European culture and his hate of the pre-Columbian culture in Mexico; one day he receives the notice about a scientist that has discovered a way to travel in time, Larry finds the scientist (who knew the jobs and ideologies of the historian) on a bar, and he convince the scientist to let him travel to Spain many centuries ago.

Immediately when Larry arrives he realized that he wasn´t in Spain, he arrived at…


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Life stages

The only thing I remember from my infancy is that I used to sleep all the day and throw all my food away. When I was a schoolboy I used to be a very shy person, I didn’t have friends because for me that didn’t matter, I preferred to read books or just watch the TV. Now at my 15 years old I’m a lover, for me I have lived an amazing life with a lot of friends having several adventures with them.

I hope be a really nice person with a lot of knowledges when I’m…


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