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A day in the life

 I just finished a surgery in which the patient had a tumor in his brain but the real deal was that the patient I was operating is the presidents son so that made the surgery more interesting, spending 5 hours operating. Then I would return to my house in my Bugatti and give some time to my wife and my two sons. We are living in London and we hope to move to Germany by the end of the year, both of my sons are going to the most prestigious schools. And this week I will receive award for the…


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Horror story

Once there was a women living in a haunted house called Lottie hall but this women didn’t believe in those things she said that were just legends and there are not real. But one night those legends that she didn’t believe in became real she start hearing some voices downstairs but she didn’t look after them and went back to bed later she heard the voices once again she went downstairs and saw a women with a black veil and since that night no one saw the women who lived in the house

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Once upon a time there were Two best friends un the school when suddenly they found a black old book

The old one took it and and at the moment he touch it the book travel him to the future that brave but tiny guy didnt know what was going on so he went to gus house but everythin had change he dae himself as an adult with a wife and 2 lisa so he got scare an ran to his firiends house but hu wasnt there when he knock the door the Mom of his friend answered are you looking for noe yes…


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How are you im glad to hear you i hope youre fine it has  been a long time since i saw you

According to your question i would prefer fashion than a virtual game vecause is more useful 

if you want to look good you use fashion clothes a virtual game doesnt have an aim is just to hace a litros 

of fun 

so in my opinión it would be better if you but new clothes an leave the games for a while that wont let you any good

neither fashion but i…


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Vidiomas review

As a result of all te vidiomas i think the best is iron fist. Why because of the special eefects and the way the movie was made so thats one of the reasons i love it but there were oters too as paramnesia or time lapse. By the time the awards arrive i will be prepare which will be the best

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in the woods

she sat by the fire reading a book when suddenly she heard a buzz right in the corner of the woods. she just took the phone to call someone but no one answered her, so she decided to go by herself and look for the one who was making fun of her by scaring her.

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the party

If you know what I just did you will never want to see me again. As you know, there was a party going on yesterday in karen's house. so i took your car, and i went to see if the party was as good as the rumours said, but a guy crashed me, which make me feel bad.

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first partial

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i thought

i thought the picture number 3 was fake, i was right because as i said before who will be stupid enough to jump knowing that he could die, is just unbelievable. i couldn't be wrong the picture looks so fake there is no way a man could be brave enough or risking his life for just a simple picture. yeah it would be awesome to see it but at what cost.

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once upon a time there was a world full of magic where people enjoyed the use of it but suddenly all that unnatural things that people could do disappeared. and the people forgot that the magic once existed. but in all the world there was a guy called john that didn't forget it at all. he once heard that there was a wand with the power to give their memory back to the city. so here it is, where the adventure begins. john needed to solve this problem so he went in search for the wand. he knew…


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he is a man of few words but when he speaks he makes a lot of sense.

at the end of the day you should have finished your project.

 if i were you i would avoid everyone like the plague.

we were flooded with all the invitations for the party. 

i trusted  you so do not breath a word of what we talk today.

i couldn't write it so i did it by word of mouth.

do not say that again, you should better eat your words if you don't want to get…


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i´ve never seen his face

I've never seen his face and i was quite scare so i decide to Walk away The guy follow me but i was prepare for any situation good or bad, then i heard an alarm and I thought if that was related with that wear guy. While i was Walking i Saw a lot of people running like Crazy then i realize that it was because of The fire, i went for water but The seller told me that it was out of stock So i didnt have any other alternative than let The fire do it's work, after all i never find out who that…


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