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A Day In My Live 2058

In 40 years, i thing I should be I will have to have a good job somewhere in Mexico because when I grow up I will want to continue living in my homeland, the one that saw me born and grow. I will have a family with 3 children and a wife, the 5 of us will be very happy living together, I do not know how old my children might be but I think they will be a bit big, I would like them to study in the same school that is where I am studying, at the Tecnológico de Monterrey, maybe not at the Chiapas… Continue

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55 words

Three months ago I used to practice box, and I used to be very good, I love practicing box but one day I start checking my mouth because I feel a little pain and I noticed that one teeth was moving a little so I went to the doctor and he told me that I had an extra teeth under one of my others and that it was moving the others so he need to take it out, and I need to stop boxing so that's why i didn't became a professional boxer.

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There was a women, walking on the street, trying to find an scary hotel, were she used to live when she younger,e she hide something important 20 years ago that will help her in the present, but when she open the elevator herself as a child, and realize that she traveled in time.

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Book of days

In my school we have been preparing the soccer team for a competition in Toluca, we have been training one hour a day for 3 months and I thing we are done, we are on the highest level we can improve more we are stock, so it means we will do an extraordinary job in the competition, one month ago the mountain where we train start a fire on the top so we can train for a week.

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We are only humans

10. I have been in that situation when someone don't take fast the photo, I have to stay in the same position for a long time, It happens a lot when it is a family photo because my uncles do not know too much about technology.

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