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A day in life in 40 years

Now I'm 58 and have past 40 since I was in high school and a lot of things have changed since them, humanity have progress in a lot of aspects like technology or health, but there are still a lot of problems that need a lot of time and money to be solved.

I actually live with my wife, we didn't have children so we have a lot of time for ourself we actually have a pretty nice house and some grate cars, we have traveled almost all around the world. I actually don't work i have already…


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There was 3 guys, one called nobody, other called no one, and other called dumb. One day nobody fell inside a bridge and noone help him, so they called the police and told them "please! Help! Nobody fell on a bridge and noone is helping, please help us! So the policeman told him "are you dumb? And he said yes! But please help us.

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Horror story

Once upon a time there was a guy who don't believe a lot in paranormal thing's, he could watch the worst horror movie and don't feel anything. But everything change the day he have to move from his house, that he woke up feeling king of strange, without energy, and feeling that he can't do anything, he start cleaning his room and moving his things to the moving car. Everything goes normal until he try to speak to her mother and she ignore him, no one could see him. In that moment he feeld…


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1. I Haven't been fotografied for a news paper
2. I think that would be possible because of the new technology's and the new way doing things.
3. I really didn't know the process I only know is made from trees
4. I guess my watch was made in China, everything comes from there
5. In my last birthday I received a watch from my girlfriend

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Dear Alex

Hi Alex is really nice to recive a letter from you. I'm so happy because of your greate grades at school and the money your parents give you. 

In my opinion you should spent the money on clothes because always is cool to have new things to use. 

I hope everything is going cool on your live.

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A man wanted to be a President.
A woman wanted to travel all around the world.
The man discover a better way to help people.
The woman finally come true her dream.
He bacame a Doctor
She get out of mony when she come back

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Videomas review

As a result of work of a semester we have the proyect videomas, in this proyect the students have the oportunitie to show a new and creative story. However this a Big proyect and is very important for english class and is a big part of the grade.
Year by year the hole school is in competition to see who has the best videomas as long as the semester goes however the winner in the end has the respect and admiration of everybody.

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50 words history

Travel is very importan because you know a lot of new things but also more importante is travel with the correct person. For example once I travel with my girfriend was so amazing, we have a lot of fun and joy. And I know for sure that I love her.

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Today history de

The tore of our world are so amazing every tear in our world make it more especial. Here is where our story atart.
There was our person tearing because of the death of his husband, that is true, always is hard to loose someone, but also remember every especial moment.

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The author's in the piece I read was that we know Is about tod know more about the brain, for example the brain weight, the special funtion like regulate blood, etc.
1.Who much does the brain weight?
2.What percent oficina blood Is pumped throught the heart to brain?
3.Name 2 things that brain regulares?

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first parcial mud job

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Microfiction correction

*Works to destroy

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The white collar

Once upon a time there was a land where everything was possible but olso have a big problem, criminal minds.

But for luck exist a pair of detectives that works for destroy them no matter what.

Our first man is Jhon Locke a millionaer an playboy and Marc Dowson a family man.

Our story starts on an a normal day when everything was fine Marc was going back home but when he arrives he finds something horrible his wife have been murdered . He don't know what to do, he start criying… Continue

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I've nevera seen his face

I've never seen his face.
I wasn't prepared to see that fire un those eyes everything happend so fast and I was kind of stock about the idea to know someone new, but I finally decide to jump and know this awsome dog that have come to my life
Use: stock, prepare, fire

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We are only humans

It happen one when I was walking with my mom and I was talking to her about something weard at the school, but when I was at the best part she stoped in a store and start watching clothes and shoes and forgot all my story

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