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A day in life year 2058

I always thought that turning 56 will be depressing and that I would automatically turn into any other old woman you see in the movies, I might had a cat and wear pink dresses, bake cookies and live in an asylum, but now that I am 56 I see things are completely different from what I imagined. I like taking long walks in the morning and coming home to a cold bad so I can start my day with a lot of energy. After taking a shower I like skyping my daughter, she is in college now so I don’t see…


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Horror story

What I am about to tell happened to a friend’s neighbor’s aunt’s family. This story begins when they tried and tried to have a child but couldn’t, until one day they had a beautiful boy whom they named John . They were so in love with him so he was very spoilt and had a terrible actitud. They didn’t notice how bad his behavior was and how something was wrong with him, he was a psycho who loved to hurt animals, he even killed every pet he ever had, but he crossed the line when he felt like…


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Distancing facts

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2018 Oscars

Since I haven’t seen any of this years nominees deciding which movie I think might win is a difficult choice, but I must say that in my opinion The Post has more chances for winning because from the little trailer we watched in class I really liked what I saw and thought it was very interesting, in a few minutes it really got my attention. 

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During the Second World War men were to busy at war that the folds were left unattended. Because of that, on June 1st, 1939 the British government decided to creat the Women’s Land Army. At first it wasn’t very accepted, specially by farmers but the got used to this idea so much, that in 1950 when this organization was disbanded the complained about it. 

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Once there was a little girl who lived in a beautiful house in the forest where there were a lot of trees and birds, with her doll, whom she loved. It had been a gift from her father and there was nothing she loved most than that doll and playing with it. One day, playfully she went to her room, specting to see it lying in her bed, but it wasn´t there. She felt how her heart dropped to her stomach and felt a knot in her throat, she was decided to find that a doll, she was going to do…


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What do I think

I believe that our brains are more developed than any other animal because we are able to learn and modest important remember what we learned, have memory of it and we have a conscience. Although, there are animals to whom we share some abilities, specially monkeys as they are also able to grab things the way we do since they have thumbs. Both animals and humans also have instincts, as responding to danger when we feel attacked. Another ability of humans is symbolic thinking, which means…


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What makes us humans

Some of the best memories of my life are from my infancy and from when I was a school child, coloring, playing and taking naps ruled, they still do but now that I am older I can’t only worry about that. Now I have responsibilities, homeworks to do and social commitments to assist, but also I have more fun with my friends and party more than what  I used to. I like to stay positive about what the future will bring, not only bills and taxes but better friendships and…


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