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40 years in the future

As any day in the year 2058  I woke up in my house with my family and my dog, my robot assitent is waiting to me in the living room to take to my own company in the downtown of the city. As a normal day I see gow the city has advanced in technolgy, until this day  I have accomplished  my dream of having my own company and also makenit succes around the world, Nowadays Im just the owner but not the CEO because I have decide to take free time to spend with my family and I also decided to take…


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Horror story

Every instance of seeing one’s reflection, especially when alone, merges to form a person’s self-awareness. When reviewed in one’s mind, these tiny portraits play like a film at thirty frames per second.

For Hugh, this rendition of himself had for too long been tinctured by a sinister affectation. He didn’t want to believe the person facing him in the mirror was truly himself. Yet, the longer he faced this apparition, the more its evil seeped into…


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1.No, I have never been photographed until this day

2.Yes , I think that is gonna be how We are gonna work in the future

3.No, I don’t

4.It was designed in USA


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Letter to my friend Alex

Dear Alex,

Hi! How are you? I just want to congratulate you for your grades in school. I know that you've been putting a lot of effort and I'm really happy to see the hard work is paying off.

About your problem I would recommend you to make pro/cons list in order to know what is better for you now and in that way take a better decision. I don't mean that you should not buy the game but probably this is not the right moment to…


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Star Wars : Rogue One - Trailer Review

1-Diego Luna seemed to appear in this movie.

2-A lot of geeks will be waiting for this spin off.

3-There are going to be a lot of visual effects

4-Im sure no one will hate this movie

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List of words

1.places that make happy



-My room

-Ice cream shop

-My hometown

2.Places I would like to go

1.Places I would like to go


-San Diego Cómic-Con

-New York




-Las Vegas



3.Things in people which Iike




4.Things in people I dislike


-Act like foolish

-Talk… Continue

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A day in my life

Cristian is an average boy , he usually lives a normal life on his hometown Tuxtla Gutiérrez .

Most of the time he get's up at 6:00-7:00am on school days , the first thing he does after waking up is turn off his alarm then he change his clothes . When he finally changes his clothes , he goes to the bathroom brushes his teeth, then he wash his face and finally he get's his breakfast.

He says goodbye to his parents , and he get's on his way to school.Finally he arrives to… Continue

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Exam correction

In our daily lives, we lean a lot of new things, most of those things are useless , if We spoke truthfully. I consider my self a normal person, I follow the natural cycle of life , I live a normal life, Im respectful with every new person I meet and most important Im happy with the things I have . As you may have notice, the thing I consider the most useful thing in life is being educated with everyone ,but why is this so important, well in my opinion the human race has been so polite with the… Continue

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What is love?

Love is that feeling that all humans have since they born , I mean when you are a child you can´t understand it pretty well but you feel it , you start feeling love for the people around you then you me. Love is that feeling that makes us humans and makes us also appreciate all the things we have.Finally love at least for me is one of the best creation of the human beings.

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10 Adjectives











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When I was just a child, I used to fight all the time with my brother , I really don´t remember why but we used to fight a lot , but most of the time because of stupid thing . But this situation changed with the years , I mean we still fighting but now we really understand each other and our relation of brothers is stronger.

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