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How are you Luis Angelo?

Dear Luis Angelo:

I'm very excited for writing you. Do you remember when you used to sell to my cranberries? HAHA LOL!

Wish we could turn back time to the good old days. Well, here in Germany it is 9:00am. I woke up this morning with a lot of stress. I have a huge project, and I envolved because i'm the most essential investigator in the project. Probably I shouldn't tell you about it, but you were my best friend so don't care, I will take the risk. The investigation is about…


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Once with my best friends we traveled to Chiapa de Corzo without permission from our parents. It was pretty exciting and risky, but we had fun! We got on the boat and the sir who gave us the tour was a weirdo. I almost fell to the river and I thanks God just because I hadn’t more panties in my bag.…


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Horror Story

The woman of the dreams

In January 2006, a psychiatrist from San Cristóbal received in your inquiry to one of his patients as any day. At that meeting, the young man explained that he had dreamed repeatedly with a woman that neither even knew. I had a very long and wavy hair, very large eyes and extremely thick lips, especially the lower. While he heard the description, the optional drew the portrait to women. He didn’t give it greater importance and left it on the…


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In times of war a young jewish girl named Mariam lived in the suburbs of  Warsaw. She lived with her little brother and no parents ‘cause they died in the war. She always wanted to go to the city and try to find a job so she could buy something to eat for her and her brother , this task was going to be difficult because she wasn’t of age, she was a woman and she was jewish. Warsaw a city of hammerman, any other job wasn’t important. The economy of the city was…


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Vidioma's Review

Time Lapse, this vidiomas was a little weird, is about a teacher who invented a time machine and show to their students his invent. His students were so shocked that decide to go to their teacher's house and see how the machine time works, but something goes wrong and they were stucked in a big trouble with the time.

Watch the vidiomas... Amazing!…


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Dear Alex

Dear Alex I suggest you go to the different supermarkets in town, and see if some clothes like you. You should spend the money in cool and confortable clothes. Enjoy the visit, and if you need some opinions, call me.

See u late :) 

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Tears of joy

I remember the first time we won a national tournament, the tears falling on my cheeks. The tears were of happiness, was the first time that Chiapas won a national, in that moment we knew that our team made history.
We were the best team, because we had the best players and the best coach.

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Who I am? (Fifty-five words history)

My passion is the basket. I love the net'sales sound when it's a clean shot! But I suffer a injury in my knee. If I hadn't broken the ligament, I would still playing basketball in the courts.
I'm the girl who was going to be a professional player, but I screwed up my knee.

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17. The author's purpose in the piece I read was to show that no everybody have the courage to make extreme thing, in this ase the parachute.
1. Why she was so afraid of?
2. How was the level of the motor?
3. What she feel when she jumped?

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In the first partial, we have seen a big number of topics.

1. Synonyms

a word having the same or nearly the same meaning as another in the language, as happy, joyful, elated.

2. Adverbs and adjectives

*Adjective is a word or set of words that modifies a noun or pronoun.


That is a cute puppy.

*Adverb is a word or set of words that modifies verbs, adjectives, or other adverbs.


He speaks slowly

3. Verb patterns: verb… Continue

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Living with a killer

It supposed that I'm the best detective in the Town. I'm Mr Black and this is my history.

In this moment I don't know what to think. I'm in my office with the case in my hands

I'm on its way to get a bloodsample or any other clue that would lead me to the killer. The town is very tense because there was a killer, it's a little town with almost 30 people.

When I found the body, I couldn't believe it. I was absolutely terrified and I was determined to find out who the killer… Continue

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Love or desire?

I've never seen his face and i have to admit when I saw him, everything was different, all my thoughts disappeared and, and my pupils dilated. I confessed that I wasn't prepared for this big wave of emotions that hit my chest. It seemed like my heart was on fire, I was a total disaster.
We start hanging out, and that how story begins. Start to stocking memories.
Use: Stock, prepare, fire

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We're only human

Hahahaha, i identified the most with the second question, why? Well i'm a very distracted person, soo when I had a tricky conversation with someone the most of the time I can't remember the name of the person.
The worst feeling it's when you see that person again and greets you very friendly and you ou don't even remember the name... But we're only humans!

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