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My life in 40 years

By this time humanity would have created and developed new technology and maybe civilizations on other planets, like mars, so maybe in the future when i’m 55 years old, i may be living in mars or another colonized world, but i would rather to stay in this planet than going to another one. Also by that time i will be trying to retire, so i can enjoy having more time with those who i love.

In the morning i…


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Horror Story

Once on a cold night, a child tried to sleep, but he was afraid of the dark, that is the reason why his parents bought him a dog two years ago, so when he is afraid at night the boy calls his dog to lie down in front of him to caress him, that same night everything was equal to the others except for one thing, his dog did not answer by his name (Jerry) several times so the angry boy just cried come here and the dog lay down in front of the After that point the night went by normally. The…


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The shape of water

I think that "The shape of water" is an interesting movie, because for me it is a very difficult task to create a movie with your main character as a mute deaf person, and this movie just made it real and amazing.

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2.- What was the initial reaction of farmers to the WLA?

They treated the idea with "suspicion and scorn".

3.- How did they react when the WLA finally ended?

The farmers were the first to complain, because the members of the WLA carried their duties with impressive dedication and skill.

5.- Why did many young women pretend to be older? They had to do it in order to be accepted.

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Looking at a story

Once in a cold december day, in Tuxtla Gtz. A lonely man was looking at a tree, while he was looking at it he could see a happy and peaceful story in his mind just by looking it but he could see how that beautiful story disappeared so quickly and how it turned into a nightmare. After some minutes passed he felt that he had to stop looking at it, so he turned around his head and left the place. Some years before, he was looking at  a window, he knew that he had…


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50 words life stages

Infancy. In this stage i was always playing with my toys. I studied in a school named: "Montesori" and i didnt have many friends, sometimes i played videogames with my brother.

Schoolchild. I had 5 friends i always played with them at recess, my 2 best friends were Rene and Emiliano, i always did my homework and i always tried to get good grades. Now i have many friends and i'm still trying to get good grades.

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