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A day in my boring life

Hello Mr. B, it's José Luis here, 40 years after you failed me, thank you very much. You are probably too old to read this letter so have a close friend read this to you. I need money, my parents supported me for 55 years but now they want me to leave their house. Today I woke up to a cat licking my face and it was gross. Anyway, my parents bought me a house but now I dont have money to buy food since I didn't go to college and there are no companies who want to…


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Horror Story

Once upon a time not long ago there was a prostitute, her name was Mariah Lynn. She was the most popular in all the block, she was known for being the cheapest and yet the best one. It was late at night, her shift was over and the sky was as dark as her hair. She was walking out of the strip club with her high red bottom heels when suddenly she heard a loud, she turned around alarmed... there was nothing, scared by the mysterious noise, she went back inside, she paralyzed and then…


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Once upon a time there was a teacher who was so nice, he asked his students to tell him a joke so one student asked "What's the best thing about Switzerland?" and another replies "I dont know but it's flag is a big plus" they all laughed so hard their mouth started bleeding.

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I haven't watched any movie in any of the categories so I wrote about which one I believe is the most interesting and which one I think might win the award.

The VFX nominee that I consider the most interesting is Kong. Skull Island, however, I don't it will win because many prefer to watch belic movies rather than fiction, that is the reason why I believe Dunkirk is going to win.

In the Cinematography category I wanted to watch Blade Runner 2049 and the…


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Q & A

I have never taken a picture with a famous person. 

In the future we'll work from home.

I do not how paper is produce.

I was given the beauty of being allowed to live another year.

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One night an obnoxious teenager was sitting in her room looking at her birth gift . Karen opened her gift and she was very surprised. The girl was shaking with excitement and she cried. She was crying so hard she started screaming, she told herself she would always wear her gift. She held her limited edition Britney Spears shirt up and put it on. It fit like a glove, she had  a relic on, she felt like the luckiest person alive. The shirt was made out of cotton…


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Hello, Alex.

Its nice to hear from you, it's been so long since we talk, I really missed you. Congrats on passing your exams, I'm so happy for you.

I think you should save up a little more money and buy some clothes, I would do that.

Buy some clothes that you feel comfortable with. Something that represents you as a person. If it was my money I would buy black clothes like some jeans or you could buy shoes.

At the end of the day it is your decision and you should pick…


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Lily on the valley has a very good message. However, it could have been a little more interesting with sad movie. It was filmed last minute, as a result, the photography was not the best.

White Diamond is very funny vidiomas. I liked everything, good actors, good props, also they had a good plot. Because of the accent Alberta did it was extra funny.

The movie [unnameable] had a story. Even so, they had poor audio. Also, they didn't had a good photography.

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Mini Saga

A MAN WANTED to have intercourses.
A WOMAN only WANTED to have fun.
THE MAN tried to rape her.
THE WOMAN screamed for her life.
HE was sent to jail.
SHE has a trauma.

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Hello, David, I hope you are having a great day. I'm glad you asked me for advice. There are not many things to do around my area but I will try to list my favorite activities to do here. So in Tuxtla you could go to the movies or the mall but it is kind of boring after a while. The best thing your friends can do in Chiapas is going to Sam Cristobal de Las Cases because it's not as hot as Tuxtla Gutierrez. In San Cristobal you can have breakfast at nice restaurants, then they can visit garden… Continue

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He picked up the girl.
The corpse that was being moved to the freezer was very bloody.
While placing her in the huge freezer he heard a weird noise.
He went upstairs to look for the origin of the noise.
He found a black cat and all the sudden the dead girl appeared behind him.

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It is very sad but I had to do what I did, otherwise I would be in jail now.

If I had not killed her she would still be alive.

I have collected many of her bones many of which were part of her hands.

The reasons why I did this are obvious to anyone.

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... The Internet is quite useful because we can share opinions, ideas or any kind of information.

     It is important to learn about the world outside of our country. Thanks to globalization we are able to be open to different perspectives. Countries can partner to make better products. WIth Internet this is possible, through it we can share ideas. If i start chatting with a Chinese person we both would learn different ideas from each other. It would cause a positive impact…


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170914 OUR 1st PARTIAL

Tense Review

It is the time you are talking about. Present, past, or future, here are some examples:

Past - Two months ago, I worked at McDonald's

Present - I work at Starbucks

Future - I will work at Apple next week.

Adverb and adjective

Adverbs only describe verbs. Most of the time just add -ly


1. He is running quickly

2. Stir vigorously

Adjectives describe everything else

1. That is a beautiful butterfly

2. You have… Continue

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Red is the color I remember before I vanished. I am now in a bed with items I don't recognize, they have herbs inside. There is an image that keeps popping on my head, it's about a man who has a knife on his hand. There is a lot of white dust on the table, I don't know what it is so I try it, it tastes good. My head starts to hurt and I'm feeling dizzy, I'm going back to sleep, that must have been drug.

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I thought picture six couldn't be real because it was focused on the faries and that looked weird. Now I know it is fake. Also the lighting was off.

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After the mouse crashed his car, he woke up in the middle of an orange forest "I'm dead" he thought, but he remember one time a witch told him there was a magical tail that could fix everything. Greeneye saw the tail on the top of a tree so he started climbing. The smart mouse used his claws to climb up the tree but it was harder than he thought because he was very fat. When he got on the top of the tree he saw the white tail floating, he was approaching it. He took the tail and everything… Continue

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My dad is a man of few words.

At the end of the day we were all happy.

I'm fluded with homework.

I promised my best friend I wouldn't breathe a word about her pregnancy.

I learned about that secret by word of mouth.

I eat my words. I'm really sorry I told you you would die.

He knew from the word go he would fail.

I wanted to tell him about my experience but I couldn't get a word edgeways.

She asked who had killed the kid, but the murderer didn't had… Continue

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I didn't know him until the day of the accident... he was trying to buy a backpack online but the one that the wanted was out of stock, he was so angry that he started hurting himself. The next day he prepared a plan, he was heading to the company's factory to burn down the whole place. When he finally arrived he took out the alcohol that he kept in a plastic bottle and lit a match. It was all falling down, when we was pleased with what he had done he turned around to leave the place, however,… Continue

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