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A Day in the Life

In 2058 i’ll be 56 years old. I’ll probably be married and have children by then. I think it will be very nostalgic to think about my years in High School.

I wake up and I take a bath before going down to have breakfast. I have to get into my car so the driver can drive me to work. I am the owner of a very important company that has many branches in all type of things. I live in a big mansion, somewhere in south California. I am married to a famous celebrity and probably the most… Continue

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Andrés Zacarias

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1.- I have never been photographed with someone famous.
2.- I don’t think people will work from home, I think they’ll live in their work.
3.- I cannot explain how paper is produced.
4.- My phone was made in Vietnam.
5.- I don’t remember what I was given in my last birthday.

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Once upon a time there was a pyromaniac called Ximena, she had a lighter and lived in Simojovel, Chiapas. Ximena always liked to play with the lighter, and she would dream of starting fires. Ever since she was young, her parents thought she was a psycho, and they weren’t too far from the truth. A boy called Rodrigo wanted to be her friend, but when he approached her, she decided she was going to make him invite her to his home. Before he was home she got there first, and she put gasoline all… Continue

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Letter to Alex

Dear Alex,

It’s nice to hear from you I really missed you! It’s been a while since we last wrote to each other. Congrats on your exam, you must be very excited. It’s always gratifying to receive good news such as this one. Thinking it through, I definitely think you should get the new computer game. In my experience, getting clothes isn’t as important as having a good time is. A game is probably not going to be as useful, but at least it’ll entertain yourself. Of course this is completely… Continue

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Parcial Exam Essay - Andres Zacarias

There are many useful things in life that will help you improve or make easier your way of living. These things can be taught by almost everyone who knows how to do them. For example, a chef can teach you how to cook meals in a very explicit and correct way, but your mother can also teach you that, even though she is not a chef.

One of the most useful things I have ever been taught is how to tie my shoes. I do not actually remember specifically who taught me how to do this, but it was… Continue

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55 Word Story pt. 2

Once upon a time there was a girl who liked using ripped jeans. One day she lost the ones she had, so she sat down on the chair, broken in tears, and when she looked up, the jeans were above the table in front of her. She stood up and put them on. The end.

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The woman who wouldn’t eat if the cooks smoked (55 Words)

There was a woman who said “I won’t eat at a restaurant whose cooks smoke. If we go there I will not eat”. I want to go to a place where I don’t have to sacrifice what I eat, to have healthy lungs. She ended up going to the restaurant she wanted to go to.

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Andres Zacarias

I couldn't do it on spark, i'm going to do it on mudjob

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Pope Resigns from the Vatican

I thought this one was faked, before I learned it wasn't. I still have my doubts about it, but I guess if that's what the book says, it must be true.

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What is yet to happen

Tomorrow someone will attemp murder in a city in the US. We are not precisely sure about the location, but we know that it will be in a different region.

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Micro fiction

In a small town in Virginia, in 1946 lived a boy called Bobby who had a knife. One day he was cooking with his mother, and suddenly he slipped with the knife in his hand, and he put it into her mother's throaty accident, killing her. He was a very shy kid who didn't feel comprehended by everyone, he had overweight issues, and kids in school bullied him for that. He didn't loose control at any moment, he decided he was going to cover the murder up. Bobby ran quickly to the garage to get some… Continue

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170809 Post

I've never seen his face before. He looks pretty familiar but i'm not sure if I know him. I have to talk to him to know if we've met before. I am a very shy person, I have to prepare to talk to him. I think I saw him on Wall Street when I worked at the stock market. I wish I hadn't stopped working there, I had to go because of the fire that burnt the building where I used to work at.

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We Are Only Human

11. Have you ever asked someone in a supermarket where something is, only to learn that the person is another customer like yourself? Or worse, have you had the reverse happen to you?

This has never happened to me at a supermarket, but it has happened to me many times at clothing stores where employees don't wear uniforms and dress as normal people. This is very confusing for us the customers, because we think they are customers as well. Once I was at Abercrombie and I asked a guy about… Continue

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