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A day in life, Year 2058

The human race has done an extremely good advance in technology, we have done a new civilization in mars, we also reate time travels and even we start creating species from the past like dinosaurs and other ice age animals. Now the population has increased a lot more since 2018, only 25% of the word population are able to get a daily plate of food. The world war 3 started and ended, now USA and Russia are allies and they kinda rule the world. The big problem we have now is that the robots we…


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Horror Story

I was alone in the cold and quiet night without a phone to call someone. They passed 20 minutes until a car stop to help me, it was an old lady who was going to a place close to my house, so I decided to join her. While she was driving a man that looked like me crossed the street running and she run over him and escaped immediately. I was really scared so I decided to get off the car and leave. I went back to see the man we went over and…


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Distancing Facts

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Oscars 2018

Best Picture:

I believe that the best picture movie winner is going to be dunkirk, because of his great graphics and for the big devotion the people did to make this awesome movie.


For the cinematography I'll go with the shape of water because it had such a great director who is Guillermo Del Toro, and I'll like that a mexican wins on this category, so that's why I hope this movie wins this award.

Best VFX:

In this category…


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Land Girls

1.- There wasn't sufficient workforce in the British countryside at the outbreak of WWII because every young men were leaving their works to join the armed forces, and the remaining young men were keaving to work in factories because there was a more profitable work. All of this caused a big need of workers.

2.- The first reaction of farmers to the WLA (Women's Land Army) was with suspicion and scorn. Because working in the countryside was considered not a place for a young…


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The sign in the forest.

Once upon a time Mark a young and tall man was walking in the forest where he found a broken sign on the floor. Mark grabbed the sign and started reading it, the sign said this: “Camp at 5 miles away”. After reading this, Mark heard a branch from behind break and some footsteps, so he started running with all of his strengths, until he felt into a trap and fainted afterwards. 20 minutes later he woke up at a campfire alone, without knowing his location and without having anywhere to go.…


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My Life Stages

During my infancy I couldn't do anything well I totally depended from muy fathers. I just started to understand how is the life. At my school child time I started developing my habilities and I also get to know many people which later become muy friends. Actually I''m in the lover stage where I would like make even more friends and finish high school with good grades.

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