Once on a cold night, a child tried to sleep, but he was afraid of the dark, that is the reason why his parents bought him a dog two years ago, so when he is afraid at night the boy calls his dog to lie down in front of him to caress him, that same night everything was equal to the others except for one thing, his dog did not answer by his name (Jerry) several times so the angry boy just cried come here and the dog lay down in front of the After that point the night went by normally. The next morning when the boy woke up, he could hear the screams of his dog, who asked him to open the door of the garden, when he saw that the dog was outside the house, he realized that his dog had not slept with He, so he went up to his room quickly where he found written on a wall: My name is not Jerry.

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Comment by Michael D. Brown on March 22, 2018 at 11:28pm

168 words. This story is too long by at least 65 words.

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