I am in my house preparing my breakfast for work, my husband is already prepared for work, he is just waiting for me because we work together in our familiar business, our company business is named C&S and we are in the fashion industry, we sale all kind of fashion stuff, like shoes, clothes, accessories, and more. We love working together, we are a dream team, my son and daughter work with us, and we have our roles for work. 

I finished cooking my breakfast so my husband and I are going to the C&S Building to have a normal labor day. We finish working at 6 pm, and we have planned a family dinner in the centre of the city, I enjoy having a relaxed day but also productive and of course I believe that the family is first.

Today was a beautiful day, tomorrow will be even better. I will go to the airport to pick up my Mama Lety and we will go to a family vacation in Hawai. I think she will stay here for a while, maybe 2 or 3 months, I appreciate when she is here because she brings me so much love and also mexican food. AAH! sorry I forgot to mention that I live in London.

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