I wake up at about seven o'clock in the morning and after stretching, I yawn and I still feel very lazy in my bed. At last I start to get dressed and think about all the things that I have to do that day. I order my bed and go to the bathroom.

I go out of the bathroom and I go to the room of my two sons and I wake them up, then I raise Ana, my youngest daughter, and go downstairs to prepare breakfast for my children. My husband is not in the house, today is the day he returns from his business trip. Today's breakfast is a rich pancake with jam and a jug of choco milk.

We leave the house early and leave my children at school as usual, I arrive at my office and do my job. At three in the afternoon I suspend my work and go for the children to school, we will go by my husband to the airport. After ten minutes of travel, we arrived at the airport. We see my husband go out through the glass doors and my children are going to hug him. We decided to go for something to eat and we returned quietly to the house.

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