Hey, good morning for all the people who is reading my profile in Facebook. I’m happy to announce you that I’m the new owner of Jaguares of Chiapas Football Club, I think that is a good opportunity for me and the city because we have almost fifty years without a soccer team in first division. I’m happy because the next week I’m going to visit the 55th country in my life, after traveling from Canada to Argentina, some islands in the Caribe as Curacao and Jamaica, being in most part of the countries in Europe. I decide try to visit China, Japan and Taiwan. For the future I would like to visit Bora Bora and Singapore. I will be there with my beautiful family, which is about of my wife, my two amazing sons and my little pretty daughter. A curious fact about them it’s that they never go to a school because I teach them every day for all the subjects and they are so intelligent. They planning to go to college and they have my support, I know that they will successfull in what ever they want to work. See you in the next post.

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