I always thought that turning 56 will be depressing and that I would automatically turn into any other old woman you see in the movies, I might had a cat and wear pink dresses, bake cookies and live in an asylum, but now that I am 56 I see things are completely different from what I imagined. I like taking long walks in the morning and coming home to a cold bad so I can start my day with a lot of energy. After taking a shower I like skyping my daughter, she is in college now so I don’t see her very often. At 10:00 am I hit the office, on my way I went to visit my baby grandson, he is about to turn 2 years old and I am very excited, I am planning his birthday party and I want to bake a cake, although I not so good at it. After revising my bank account, I sit on my spinning chair and revise some projects I have to check. I leave the office at six and I go home to my plants, I love sound gardening and growing different flowers and some vegetables, I also enjoy origami but I am not the best at it. At 8 the door opens and I see my loving husband, he is coming back from work too. Since it is Monday we stay to see movies and order some Chinese food, today we are watching Dumbo, old but gold, it’s still one of my favorites.

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