The human race has done an extremely good advance in technology, we have done a new civilization in mars, we also reate time travels and even we start creating species from the past like dinosaurs and other ice age animals. Now the population has increased a lot more since 2018, only 25% of the word population are able to get a daily plate of food. The world war 3 started and ended, now USA and Russia are allies and they kinda rule the world. The big problem we have now is that the robots we are creating are starting to think by theirselves, and some of them are starting to rebel against their owners, so all the world is in alert because of this situation.

40 years later today. I must be 56 years old, married and with kids. Until now my life is going really well, I have a big house on the coast , a functional company and one of the best in the world and finally a my dream car from the infance a flying Ferrari.

This day is going very good I just had a coffee with my wife and we are leading to my company to check if everything is doing okay. After going to the company we'll be going to eat with my son and his family and spend the afternoon with them. Me and my son would be making a barbecue while my wife and my daughter in law take care of my grandsons. 

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