Hello Mr. B, it's José Luis here, 40 years after you failed me, thank you very much. You are probably too old to read this letter so have a close friend read this to you. I need money, my parents supported me for 55 years but now they want me to leave their house. Today I woke up to a cat licking my face and it was gross. Anyway, my parents bought me a house but now I dont have money to buy food since I didn't go to college and there are no companies who want to hire me. I answer surveys to earn some money but it's not enough. I wanted to ask you $150,000 dollars so I can survive for at least two more years. I know you are so rich you have pools you have never even swim in, airports that I will never land in. Please it's not even 0.001% of your wealth, I'm begging you, please have mercy on me. I will tell you about a day in my boring life. I woke up to a cat licking my face then I went to my parent's house to eat breakfast, it was delicious but then I tried to sleep on their couch since I couldn't sleep well last night because I dont have a mattress. They kicked me out telling me I was a failure, however, I know it's their way to show me affection, I love then very much. Then I went to my brother's house to eat dinner, but he kicked me out as well because his wife hates me because "I'm not a good uncle for their children". I never really liked her so it's ok. I'm writing this letter from a laptop that a stole from my niece. So as you can see, I not doing very well. I want cash cash money, give it to me.

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