April 23, 2058.

Today, I wake up at 5 a.m. in my home at Mexico City to run 1 hour in my gym. After that, I got to get dressed to go to my office and have breakfast with the board of directors and talk about how my company is going. These days I've been very busy, because of the projects that I'm developing, such as making a battery more efficient for power-walls while making them cheaper for the public, and starting my own university. My house is still under remodeling, it finally has a library and a cinema, but it still missing my pool. It looks cleaner, but right now is very noisy, that's why I'm staying at the couch in my studio. Thank God I'm single, because if I weren't there would be not enough space for more than one and everything would be messier. 

I will visit my mom today and probably next week. I like to talk to her about my problems and about hers. I'm still spend time with my family, I consider them one of my top 3 priorities in life, next to my company and teammates.

About them, I talk to them and ask them what can we improve in order to make our costumers happier and more satisfied with our service. We start working at 7 a.m., eat at 3, have dinner at 9, have meetings, and finish around 10. Finally, I go to sleep  at 11 p.m. to start my day all over again the next day.

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