I hear the alarm. It's 5 A.M. and I need to get started. It's just like any other day. I go to bath and make everything I need to do. Then, I change my clothes and make something to eat. Normally I don't eat too much in the morning because I don't have the time for it. I grab my briefcase and my keys and then leave my house. It's have been almost 40 years since I were in high school. Back then I didn't know what I was going to do with my life. It isn't like I have a lot of money or things. I live in an small apartment but , honestly, I'm fine with it. I also have and small car which I use every day to go to work. Right now I'm really busy working on a new project. It's have only been 2 weeks since we started working on it and the team is already receiving a lot of work. I'm starting to think about retiring cause I'm 56 years old and this way of living is affecting me more than I thought it would. I guess this is the right time for it, but I'm not sure about it. I will think what is the decision I'm going to make a little bit more, but right now I need to focus on my work. Well, I think that's all worth mentioning about my life. I didn't do anything revolutionary or amazing, but right now I couldn't care less about it.

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