As every morning of a new day I get up and have breakfast and, in the course, I check my mail to verify that everything at work is in order and there is no problem with the project that is being developed. Once breakfast is over I get ready with formal clothes to go to another day of work and overcome the new challenges that arise. After a hard day's work, in the afternoon I went to lunch with my co-workers and with them to talk about new options to improve our designs and do the sessions. Then take a moment to talk to my family and see how they are and how they are doing, in the afternoon go home to get ready with sports clothes and go for a run as many miles as necessary and go home and take a shower and have a light dinner and finally go to bed and watch a few episodes of the series I'm watching at the time and it has caught my attention so that at some point I can easily fall asleep and then redo the routine to something different.

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