"A friend like you makes everything better" Part II, Marcela and Lorena

Moodjob and Moorphy started talking about a lot of stuff and as they did, they found out they were pretty much alike: their favorite food was tofu with red chili, their favorite movie was “The Cow of the Rings”, their favorite group was “The Rolling Cows”, their favorite soccer team was “The M.R. Cows”, and as if it was too much, they both knew Moofin. Moorphy told Moodjob that before Moofin moved to Moostach Ranch, she had lived in Cowtown, and as a matter of fact she was born there. Moorphy also told Moodjob that he and Moofin had been best friends before she moved out of town and that their birthday were on the same day. Moodjob was surprised about finding out something he didn’t knew about Moofin, and in the instant he thought about her, he remembered she was lost. In that moment, he told Moorphy about that, and Moorphy volunteered himself to help Moodjob to find his best friend… well, now their best friend. As soon as they arrived, they made a plan to find Moofin faster: they would go on separate ways, Moodjob at north and Moorphy at south, and if they found Moofin, they would call the other, so he could meet them in Central Park. If none of them found Moofin after two hours of looking for her, they would meet at the bus station to see which city they would go next to find Moofin.

After looking for hours and hours and hours, they didn’t find Moofin, so they were really sad, but they met in the bus station and decided that the next city they would go to seach for Moofin was going to be Moolan’s town, so they both bought their tickets for the next bus. Moodjob and Moorphy waited an hour before the next bus to Moolan’s town arrived, but when it did, they ran quickly to it, because nothing in the world was going to stop them from finding their friend Moofin. When they finally arrived to Moolan’s town, they went everywhere asking for Moofin, but everyone in there were like really selfish and they didn’t talk to Moodjob and Moorphy because they didn’t talk to any cow who wasn’t from there. They were really mad about it, but it didn’t stop them from chasing their feelings and finding Moofin to bring her back to Moostach Ranch. They ran, and ran, and ran, until they searched in every inch of Moolan’s town, so they went back to the bus station to find another bus, so they could see in which city they were going to search in this time.

Finally they decided that the last town they were going to search in that day was going to be Chocowland, so they got on the next bus and they arrived Chocowland. Cows in Chocowland were really nice, and many of them were brown, they realized that in there was no racism, everybody had fun together, no matter your color, age, fur or anything. They searched for a while, but then they say Moofin, so they ran into her. Moofin was really surprised, because the last thing she expected was to see Moorphy, and it was even weirder because he was with Moodjob, but they didn’t mind and they hugged Moofin like it was the end of the world. Moodjob told Moofin he was really worried about her, and that he would never leave her alone again, because he was his friend. Moofin told him she came to Chocowland because she got lost, looking for some chocolate in Moostache Ranch, that she left the Ranch without even noticing it and she had no way to return to Moostache Ranch, that she was lost, but she was really happy to see Moodjob and even happier to see her old friend Moorphy, because she hadn’t seen him in years.

Moofin, Moorphy and Moodjob went back to the bus station, took some chocolate with them and decided to go back home. First they went to Moorphy’s city and they thanked him a lot, because without his help, maybe they wouldn’t have found Moofin. They decided that they would met once in a certain time so they could keep in touch and keep the great friendship they all made through this adventure. Moofin and Moodjob took another bus and returned to Moostache City, because their family was very worried about them. When they arrived everyone was happy to see Moofin, but no one was happy to see Moodjob, so Moofin went really mad and told them “Because of Moodjob I’m here, because he was the only one who was really worried about me, he went out and searched everywhere until he found me, you all should be ashamed of even calling me ‘friend’ because my only friend is Moodjob”. Everyone was shocked and thought about it, then they realized Moofin was right, so they went out for Moodjob and invited him to a great party they were doing. They all had fun, ate a lot of pizza and danced like it was the end of the world. At the end, everyone became friend of Moodjob and there was no racism in Moostach Ranch again.

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