"A friend like you makes it better." Part 1.

Once upon a time, in a faraway ranch named “Moostach Ranch”, lived two cows named Moofin and Moodjob and they were best friends since they were born. Moofin was a black and white girl cow who was five years old and Moodjob was a brownish boy cow who was four years old., but Moodjob was not accepted by the other cows because of his fur color, all the other cows had black and white fur and that’s why they were racist with Moodjob. Moofin didn’t care about all of it, because Moodjob had been his best friend since she had memory. When they were together, they had so much fun that it didn’t matter anything else, just them because they were happy and that was the only important thing. Moofin always defended Moodjob from the other mean cows who were jealous and only had poison in their hearts, because that’s the only reason Moofin had of why they were so bad and why everyone in the ranch couldn’t be friends with each other and be happy for ever and ever. One day, Moofin went lost and everyone in the ranch was really sad, but Moodjob was even sadder than everyone else.

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