All the world loves a lover…

A man and a woman wrote a best seller novel. They came with the idea one night when they start to remember their love story.

The man and the women hope the novel will get on the top of the best seller´s list. When they release some people bought it because of the curious title “A real love story”. A week later some articles talked about the book, but there were just bad critics about it, the two need tolerance to read all the critics without getting angry. Some days later a friend of them cheer both up by telling them he saw many people on the library today searching for their book, that bought happiness to their life. Some weeks later many people came to visit them to their house just searching for the autograph of both authors of the new hit, many people bought it because it was a new kind of romantic style history.

He and She get interviewed many times, and the clue question was “where the idea of the book came?” the answer they always gave was “This is just a real story of love… that’s all”. The book finally appeared at the best sellers list and finally they revealed the secret… The story was based on theirs love story.

There is no better story than a real one, because it can show you that everything is possible.

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