A long time ago in other galaxy there was a planet full of pacific aliens with one of the most advanced computers ever created.

The aliens were very concerned about the meaning of life so they asked the computer about it.

The little green and with an extremely big head aliens were joined in front of the computer, waiting for the answer.

The computer stayed quiet. The aliens waited for the answer for hours and thought for a while that the computer was broken; when was it going to answer? what were they supposed to do?.

The years passed and the computer stayed quiet, until one day, the president of the aliens walked to the front of the computer and demanded an answer. The computer said it was going to have the answer that afternoon; the aliens were happy as never before and waited anxiously for the answer. At five o'clock very single green alien was on the plaza, telling to each waht the thought was going to be the answer, about what was the meaning of life. 

The computer said the answer; but every single alien thought they had heard wrong; How could the meaning of life be 12?.

They all stayed quiet and with a mad face, but after a couple of minutes they started laughing; they were happy with the answer because they had finally understood the real meaning of life. Being happy.

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