Once upon at time there was a little mouse name "Timmy" he lived in a little place name "cheese town" all their habitants lived happy on his town except Timmy that he was bored of his routine, because like her father the only thing that he do all day was package cheese, and for Timmy that was so frustrant because his dream was to explore new lands and became the most important inventor on the history. One day he decide to make her dream come true and while his father was sleeping he escaped and he started with his adventure. 

At first things became difficult because no one had ever left "Cheese town" because some habitants  said that whatever was outside of cheese town was very danger. 

Almost two months passed, where Timmy discovered many things of what there was outside. Like for example that all his town was in warehouse of a restaurant and all the cheese that have cheese town it was the cheese that was saved in the background of the warehouse.  

also doing more investigations he heard a conversation of the chef in the restaurant that they were going to moved all the cheese in the background of the warehouse to clean. Timmy know that all his family was in danger so he invented some wings with cardboard that he found in the restaurant and he fly  to his house quickly to said to all his friends and family the truth about their town. 

At first all the town doesn´t believe him but when they start hearing some loud they decided to follow him and at the end Timmy and his town escaped to a park and with a invention that make Timmy all the cheese that was in the background move to the park. So they live very happy. 

                                                                                 =ACTIVITY =

1. The mouse Timmy easily escape from cheese town. 

2.The very intelligent mouse Timmy escape from cheese town. 

3.While escaping from cheese town was easy for Timmy. 

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