A tapir named Paquita, from the the Zoo “Miguel Álvarez del Toro” is going to be a mother for her fourth time. It is said that in three weeks, there would be a new tapir born in captivity.

Paquita is one of the girl tapirs that lives in the zoo, but her first born in 2011 died because of some respiratory problems, that is why it is really important for the zoo this new pregnancy from our little tapir.

The state of Chiapas is the only space in where tapirs can have babies in captivity zones from all around México and Center America.

A tapir’s pregnancy duration time is estimated to be from about 13 months and they can start reproducing when they are four years old.

It is really important that species get reproduced in captivity, because there have been entire populations of a lot of animals who have been really reduced because of the destruction of their own habitats and because of their hunting by bad people, especially in the jungle areas.

Actually, this future tapir mother is aislated from the rest of the tapirs, and people hope that in the next two weeks, there would be added a new baby tapir to be exhibited on the zoo, to take care of them and protect them from the dangers of the jungle.

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