Time passes incredibly fast. I had just watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and I realized how a lifetime can pass like water drops. August is one of the months I always forget, I don't know why, but it may be because we always come back to school and it passes so rapidly, and because I'm anxious for September ('cause of my birthday). Bah, I'll tell you about this August.
The first days of this month were a disappointment. It was planned that for vacation my family and I were on a trip to Europe, being a little more specific to Madrid-Paris-London, but 'cause of health problems of my grandfather we weren't able to travel. Health is first before other things. Then suddenly school began (back to the routine) get up early, take a shower, avoid idiots while driving and what we all do going to school (forgetting studying): see the same old faces, the friends we always see, sadly some ones left (but they will be in my memory always), and new ones fit the place they left. I was like we say here "panzando" all the firsts quizzes of this third semester, but now I'm growin', hope I pass this semester with great grades.
Retaking the custom, we all go after classes or skipping the last one to go eat at Casablanca or wherever we imagine.
This August passed too fast...

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Comment by Michael D. Brown on September 2, 2010 at 12:35am
Nice story. Lots of details, and interesting tone of voice.

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