In Mr. Brown classes we have been watching some amazing videos to take some inspiration for our anual project vidiomas. Last friday we found a lot of interesting things in some of this kind of videos. And i wrote about them.


This video didn't work for me, because of its final part. The clip literally ends like a tragedy. At the beggining of the clip I was really getting into the story. I thought that the situation between the couple was turning really interesting, and it's such a shame that they couldn't be together and happy again.


I really really liked this one, I guess it was my favorite, basically because of the way that protagonists fell for each one. The man is a character with a lot of likeness with many people in real life, persons that are not really good at love. The woman is one of the sweetest characters I've ever seen. The end is perfect for both characters.

III. The Black Hole

This clip is the most funny clip of the three that we saw in class, and by the way it is the shortest one. It has a very interesting point of view about reality and this kind of paper with the power of open the black hole is a wonderful idea, and also the best thing of this film. The end is amazing and very clever.

This clips are incredibles, the stories are genius ideas. I learned many things that should work on my Vidiomas project, definetly I will try to apply my knowledge to my video, and make it as great as I can.

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Comment by Eduardo Ruiz Martínez on August 22, 2016 at 7:23pm

Sorry for writting a lot Mr. Brown :v

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