I´ve never seen his face 

I´m not a really good person at making friends, I could have some really cool ideas once in a while, but I didn´t have anyone to share them with. I´m not prepared for the real world, people always have something to say to any action you make, that means nobody is safe.

One day I was in lab class (alone, as always) and the teacher couldn´t come because he was ill, so he decided to make a videocall in an app called "faceswap". We couldn´t see or listen the teacher as always, he was shown as a cartoon and with a funny voice. I didn´t put attention on the class, I was admiring that wonderful app where you can contact anyone worldwide without using your face or your voice. 

When I got home I downloaded the app and I used to use it all day and everyday, I met the most beautiful girl, her cartoon was perfect and her way of thinking was unique. After a month of laughs and talks, we decided to meet, I told her to go to the park, but for any particular reason she wanted to go to a more private place. So we end up meeting in an abandoned place, all I could see was tall grass and mud. 

When "she" was finally there, I couldn´t see her face, all I saw was an old man in a black old car, I thought he was her grandpa or something. But he started to run directly to me without looking back, so I guess I was wrong.

I really regret the day I met up with someone that doesn´t even exist, I´ve never seen her face and I think i will never see it, or any other...

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