a book review by andres gutierrez moreno 


the main characters in the story where charles de gruze, the politicians, the wife, and the people that was also seating in the table of charles that he was talking to because all the story was told to them. all the characters where very serious all the time because charles was telling the winepress story, all the characters never express another feeling like happines or sadness, because they were to concentraded in hearing the scary story of the gruze.

     the story was about a jealous woman and her husband. they were a very happy couple that live in a place in where the wine was made. after a while of living together the woman starts to think bad things about his husband, but the reality was that her husband was always a good man. one day the woman was very drunk and he went to where her husband was and he start to yell at him, the husband innocent of what he was accused was trying to say that he never made such things, the woman very angry, took a knife and she tried to stabb him but when he get to his husband, her husband pushed his wife to defend himself and accidently the woman fall into a machine and dies. years later the man was in a table eating with her friends when he told the true and admite it all and say that the wine they where drinking was made by the parts of his wife.

  in my opinion i think that this story was very scary but at the time i was reading it i was very interested in finishing it all. so i like it.

i totally recomend this story because all the people that read this, they would not regret it.

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