Subject relative clauses:


 Atticus Finch is one of the characters that tries to defend an Afro-American man who is accused of murder.


The dress that appeared in one scene was dressed by Scout even though it was uncomfortable for her.


Scout is a little girl who is Atticus’s daughter and is also the narrator of the story.


The Scout’s brother, who is called Jem Finch, protects his sister in many situations


Object relative clauses:


Boo Radley was considered insane because most of the time was in home, but on one occasion that he tried to shoot Jame Finch without know it, all the neighborhoods were alarmed.


The plot of the story “to kill a mockingbird”, which was written by harper lee, is about legal issues of the defense related to the rights of Afro-America people.


One morning Atticus Finch shot, in presence of his children, to a mangy dog that was right in front of his house with a long gun 

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