Open the doors of spring, when each labyrinthine thought passes through the mind of a druid named Zoro, in the madness and sadness caused by his exile to the forest. The inhabitants of the forest consider him a deity. Amazed by such prodigious knowledge and the titanic power that it carries in his head, the people of the town hate him, especially the king. Zoro lives alone since the king banished him out of fear, afraid that one day he would reveal himself to him. With its only companions; Morfeo, also known as Sueño, is the one who harasses him at night and Deseo, who only whispers in his ear and torments him. Tormented by the same loneliness, unhappy loneliness in which he is held captive. Facing the cold of the night and the gales that support all traces of life, Zoro only thinks of the warmth of knowing another person and consoles himself with the same idea. The day comes when in the suffocating calm of the forest in which he is captive, Zoro comes to hear the songs of a girl who was cutting flowers on the riverbank. In Zoro's eyes, she was the most beautiful girl he could ever remember, with long, shining hair like the infinite, such beautiful eyes whose pain she could never identify as beautiful as they were, and a voice that was more delightful that the sound of the waves breaking with the coast. Zoro approached her and said quite humbly - "It is rare to see people around here, more about a beautiful young lady like you." - "I must admit that I have no idea what I am doing here" - The girl answered, followed of - "I only know that a few moments ago I was walking around here, it is honestly comforting to find another person here, even more so a friendly young person like you. I began to feel lonely. "" My name is Doubt, well ... I think so. "Hypnotized by the grace of the girl's gaze Zoro concentrated and answered-" My name is Zoroaster, son of the sea and of the sky, but you can tell me Zoro "" Nice to meet you ".- Confianzudo asks Duda-" Do you have any shelter or sustenance? If not, you can stay with me. "- Doubt, with confidence he accepted to stay with him. With the passage of time the two became cohabitants, they became timeless, many would say that Zoro was in love with her, as well as her. One night between the influence of Morpheus that imposed the image of her, among the whispers of Desire that only mention their feelings towards her, Zoroaster decides to confess his feelings. The next day he took her to the beach where the same evening light welcomed them with gentle chemistry. As a passionate artist he confessed a feeling that turned out to be mutual, so much so that when the night fell Zoro gave Duda a gift as a thank you for that affection. Zoro lowered the bright stars of the dark sky and made a cloak with them. Mantle which he would give to Duda, promising him that even in the darkest night he would not be alone. Covered both by the mantle, lying in the sand of the beach that despite being uncomfortable, was the favorite place of the two. With the kiss that kept them warm all night, they became more than just friends. With the passage of time, eternity seemed a sigh next to her. As wandering souls, without reason, or wanting to have one, they enjoyed each other's company every day. Timeless, lovers never got bored of each other. So inseparable that not even death lurked. Their union was the same signature of time. We must remember that although time is immense, not even time can occupy all the infinite. For lovers, time became trivial. Each day was like having control of a dream, they fulfilled any pleasure and desire that they had. It seemed relative this time to the eyes and soul of Zoro, since everything comes to an end at some point.
There was no goodbye, no wish to follow her, there was nothing. It was enough with the screams of pain generated by Zoro to break with the tranquility of the forest, which for so long, never changed or had aged. It is hard to imagine the pain he will have felt upon discovering that his only companion had simply disappeared. There was no mystery, no trace, only the pain of knowing that he was going to be alone for another eternity after getting used to having her in company. How is it possible that she regrets things that she did not take advantage of when she was with her? When they spent millions of eons together, doing so many things, from time to time the same. Despite this, Zoro feels more alienated now that he is alone than when he was accompanied. The empty gaze of the druid, accompanied by the calmness of the shivering but terrible stars that are missing. Since She left without leaving or remembering. Like petulant glimpses that come from the ciénega, visions of smiles lost among the labyrinthine thoughts of the immaculate mind of Zoro. Doubt and virtue in the stars, lost, as well as

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Comment by Michael D. Brown on April 25, 2018 at 8:54pm

Posted by MDB for Emiliano, who's having trouble getting into MudJob:

A walk in the future (A Day in the Life - 2058)

A hundred years ago and up to a hundred thousand years, the power of the State will continue to increase without any doubt and the sense of citizen lack of protection, exacerbándose.Tam will not increase the welfare of those who live in the big cities; the prevailing disorder will increase, insecurity will spread and communications will be increasingly difficult due to the increase in transportation costs.

Fashion places like Las Vegas, in the United States, will be too far from anywhere and, therefore, will gradually lose their appeal. Entire neighborhoods, like the dormitory suburbs, will also lose their already low value. Nobody will want to pay more for transportation to the refuge city than what they pay for rent.

As for citizens, sociologists are already talking about the disappearance of the body, in the sense that the flight from reality will be more concrete in a greater absence of face-to-face life and an almost exclusive contact through social networks.

The communication is no longer by letter that have disappeared and is carried out every day more by e-mail or supported by technological means. What will be the hallmark of digital communication? To imagine it, it is enough to compare this type of communication with the support used until now, the paper; or with human memory, extremely imprecise, as the latest experiments are showing; or compare credit cards with hard cash.

Comment by Michael D. Brown on March 22, 2018 at 11:25pm

890 words and it's not finished. Epic fail. The assignment was 101 words!!!

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