The damage was already done. There was no POINT in trying to make up the mistake, but the MAJOR problem was that even if is it was useless, I wanted to do so. I CONTINUED trying hard, again and again. The ball was a bonus AID, or perhaps it wasn't, because she wouldn't let me APPROACH her at all in the EVENT. But I looked for an OPPORTUNITY and got one after, at the ball's end.
All my PREVIOUS courage disappeared and the only thing that I was able to say was a pitiful, "I'm sorry," and when she left the LOCATION after sending me a glare with the full of RANGE, hurt and hatred...I knew that no one INDIVIDUAL in there deserved such a glare more than me. Wasn't it bad enough the fact that I was still in love with her?

: )

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Comment by Michael D. Brown on September 1, 2010 at 11:57pm
Saile, this is excellent.

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