Personality is a very important factor in people, it determine everything in your life, which kind of people is going to be your friends, if society is going to accept you and that kind of things, but no one in the world has a perfect personality that everybody likes and accept, there will always people that like you and people that dislike you, something and don’t like to much about my personality is that I car too much about little things, I’m a little paranoid with some things that there is no need to worry, that would be something I like to change about my personality, to be more relaxed and careless about things.  I think that every personality is right. If you learn to accept differences around you and you don’t expect to people think the same way you do, you will learn how to socialize with every kind of people. You don’t have to like them all but with accept them is enough. I think I have a very compatible personality with most people, and if I found someone that I don’t really like is personality I don’t dislike it, I just don’t care much about that.


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