From: Hernán

Subject: Touring stuff.

Hey David, is your boy, i am texting back your e-mail to tell you about the stuff you can do here in this campus and of the state. There is a place called San Cristóbal, were it´s cold and you can have a nice time, you can either go to ride a horse or stay at your cabin, drinking hot chocolate, or cold whatever you want. You can also go an a trip to Comitán and enter the Lagunas de Montebello, its a big road, but like very large filled with laggons and rivers, it doesn´t sound amazing but the color of the lagoon wáter, its just amazing, its blue and turquese. And at last but not less important you can go to the pichana truxk, its a truck that sells burgers made out of picnha meat its so delicious and its not that expensive is like 100 pesos, but its worth it, and the fries are just amazing hope you like verything i just told you.

Bye, see you son.


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