At 3 am, i turned around and the darkness finally disappeared. I was sitting on a chair behind a door. I looked around and I saw blood everywhere, but all I could think about was Joshua. 5 months ago I returned to my home in Alabama, I was glad to see my mom, my dad and specially my 16 year old brother Joshua. March 12th, 2007 I went to school to pick Joshua. He was acting really weird. He was really nervous. Early in that morning I saw him crying in his bedroom so I asked him what was going on. I still remember the tears on his eyes when he took out cocaine from his pocket. I was speechless. Joshua grabed my arm and told me: “Sam promise me you would never leave me” I told him “what? Why would I..? When he yelled at me “PROMISE ME!” I hugged him and made my promise. In our way back home a big black SUV blocked my way. In less than a blink of an eye I was wrapped hands, eyes and foot in a big truck. I didn’t know what was going on, when I heard my brother’s voice calling my name. I told him “are you ok?! What is going on?!” He didn’t stop crying, and he only kept saying “don’t leave me, you promised it”. Suddenly the car stopped and they took us into a room. The men started yelling at us “which of you is Joshua?!” all I wanted was to protect my little brother so I told them I was him. They took me to another room and immediately started punching my body. I still remember the exact words they told me: “let me see, you steel drug from us don’t you? You think you are very smart, but I just have a little question, WHERE IS MY F* MONEY?! Where did you get it huh? (I was speechless) look stupid young man, if you don’t give me the information I’m asking, I swear you and your little brother are going to have the most painful death of all.” I was about to speak when one of his men entered the room yelling “he’s lying! The other boy has just confesses” after that I only remember a big pain in my head. I woke up days later at 3 am. I looked blood everywhere. I was thinking how to get out, when I heard my little brother screaming and crying, they were torturing him. That was the most desperate moment of my life. The screams of my brother gave me an unbelievable force. I broke the strings that were holding me. I got out of the room and the cries were over. I looked around and there was nobody in the other room. I started running searching for my brother when I found him laying on the floor, full of blood, and almost dead with a men about to shoot him. I took a big rock on the floor and hit the man. My brother was unconscious. I grabbed him and started running. I took the key the man had, but it was a broken key! I didn’t know what to do, with my life in risk and my brother about to die in my shoulders. I was thinking what to do when I heard a patrol. They found me and my brother laying on the floor. They arrested the men who kidnapped us and took my brother directly to the hospital. He needed 4 surgeries and physical and physiological treatment for several years. The police told me that when was more stable he would have to stay in jail till he turned 21. My brother will have the most difficult years for a bad decision, but I can tell you now that I made a promise, that is never going to be broken.


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Comment by Natalia Culebro Robles on May 7, 2011 at 10:43am
Thank you so much ! I am very glad too that you were my teacher this semester, I hope you can still give me your opinion in the stories I will post on mudjob. Thanks for the semester :) see you on tuesday
Comment by Michael D. Brown on May 7, 2011 at 7:44am
Natalia, I am stunned by this story. So full of details, and very intense! It is awesome. I hope you continue to write at this level, and I am so glad to have been your instructor for this past semester. You have made me proud.

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