I think the "chupacabras" or goal sucker is not real, because what they say is similar to an animal asthe chickens and sheep, but not a monster or alien, only a predator, there are nomountros, chupacabras not can exist in the way people believe that looks as it is not asingle monster is a predator. I think this idea about the "chupacabras" is a waste of time to investigate a monster that does not exist, should care for their livestock andchickens for their animals do not eat them. Protection should put the "chupacabras" is not like the animals in the farms and in the field.

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Comment by Karla Patricia Avila on April 23, 2012 at 1:39pm

I think the "chupacabras" or goal sucker is not real, because what they say is similar to an animal asthe chickens and sheep, but not a monster or alien, only a predator, there are monsters, chupacabras not can exist in the way people believe that looks as is not asingle monster is a predator. I think this idea about the "chupacabras" is a waste of time to investigate a monster that does not exist, should care for "chupacabras" do not eat the animals. Protection should put the "chupacabras" is not like the animals in the farms in the field

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