Some of the most important aspects of the life of my character are:

- She was a child when her father, who had been a musician, discovered the great voice who possessed. Since then he made that she formed a group music with her brothers at the restaurant that he ran

- She was the first artist from Tejano to obtain higher sales in the Billboard's Latin Top 200 List

-She appointed female artist of the year for nine consecutive years at the Tejano Music Awards.

- In 1993 she won a Grammy Award for best Mexican-American music live album

- When the latino label EMI was created the President Behar started to find singers for him company until discovered the great talent of her and decided to hire her.

- The success of she was broken the day 31 March 1995, when she was only 23 years old, by the work of his friend, representative and President of her fan club

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