Last weekend, I was going with my girlfriend to cabaret, to celebrate the birthday of a friend, before I went to cabaret, my girlfriend and I went to the ATM because I wanted to withdrew some funds, for pay my cover at cabaret. I get in, I add my debid card and my PIN, then I took the money and the receipt and left. On sunday I went to my grandparents house and when my grandmother lend me some money I reallice that my debid card was missing, so I scared because I noticed that it was left since 20 hours ago, I started calling the bank tellers for cancel my debid card so no one can use it. But I didn´t knew my account number so I started to serch the receipt of the last night and I also didn´t had it because I washed my car and I threw all the trash away, sunddenly my father came to my house and told me my account number so I can cancel my debet card. 

Thanks God no one took my money away from my card.

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