3 Comedians

1. Which stand-up comics are popular in your country? Marvel, Monitos and pulpo comics are the most popular in Mexico
2. Who are your favorite comedians? Why do they make you laugh?
Jorge ortiz de Pinedo, Borrego nava, Radames y cazasola; they have a joke program in telehit, and the make me laugh because they say with bad language the jokes.
3. What do you think is the funniest TV show? amm .. Guerra de chistes is funniest than others because they invite an actors o musicians to make jokes with them
4. Which anecdote did you think was the funniest? Why? when they invite to Platanito to their show, because plantanito makes kids jokes with bad language. =)
5. Do you think the subject is humorous? yes
6. Have you ever watched any of the comedians in the reading perform comedy? If so, did you think they were funny? Why or why not? No i have not =S

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