He has always been a man of few words.

At the end of the day we all knew what to do we had to get out of town.

Avoid something or somebody.

Being flooded with a lot of work is not recommended due to stress levels get to high.

You can´t tell him anything he always breathes a word.

He said it was by word of mouth so a presentation wasn't expected.

HA I told you were wrong, eat your words.

From the word go we knew that the semester was going to be hard.

We has this habit of get a word in sideways when no one tells him to give his opinion.

He has always had the face to face all the problems that seem to overtake him.

He is in the want of money.

I was lost for words, there was no way i could explain that to 8 olders.

I sometimes not mince my words, people often criticize me for that.

I was telling the truth but it looked like my words were of no convence.

I´m waiting for you command, just say the word.

He doesn't stand a chance he's been champion three consecutive years.

My offer is 300$ take it or leave it.

No one´s on the office looks like the coast is clear.

So sir, you should have the last word, what do you say?

So everyone agreed? So being all said and done our final decision is ...............

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