It has been 40 years since i was in high school, now i am 58, i have got a little bit older now, i am a grandmother again because my dog recently gave birth to nice white little Bichon Maltese, I got married to a  handsome, gentleman, romantic men, who have been making me so happy, we both have 3 kids one girl and twins a boy and a girl, now they are doing their own life they are 27 and 23.

I woke up in the morning as always i have something for breakfast, a delicious spaghetti my husband made yesterday for dinner because he knows thats my favorite food.

Then i got to work with my husband , i work in my own company (brand of clothes) i always have to design new clothes and he is a coworker and i also produce my own movies, so i have a lot of things to do all day, in the night we both go and have dinner with our older kids cause they are not little anymore, and after the day is done, i take a shower and i go to sleep, ready to start another day.

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